The Crypto Essentials Course

  • Course level: Intermediate


Most people are still trying to figure out how a bitcoin can be worth so much and how Donald Trump was an American president. While those same people are busy scratching their heads trying to understand the dial-up version of blockchain technology, more proactive individuals are educating themselves and jumping ahead of the masses. We've jumped several months ahead of the average crypto investor to bring you game-changing knowledge for the months to come.

This course was designed for people who are smart enough to know they should be getting educated about blockchain technology instead of following the herd and dismissing the entire crypto space as a huge scam. #DeFi will be one of the most popular search terms in 2021 and you'll learn all about it and how to get in early.

There are many crypto courses that will teach you how to buy and sell crypto assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum but rather than simply buy and hold, our course will show you how to buy, borrow, pool, stake and farm your entire crypto portfolio for huge returns.

What Will I Learn?

  • Earn over 100% APY by yield farming
  • Crypto zero to hero
  • What's the next big trend?
  • Sector rotation
  • 5x, 10x, and 100x opportunities
  • Smart contracts
  • Decentralization
  • Earn rewards by pooling
  • Lend crypto for rewards
  • Borrow real cash against crypto
  • Quick transfers using QR codes
  • What is DeFi?
  • Where should I be looking next for the biggest opportunities?
  • What is a smart contract?
  • What is yield farming?
  • Where did Bitcoin come from?
  • Who is Satoshi Nakamoto?
  • Why does the FBI own wallets with billions of dollars of bitcoin in them?
  • How do I protect myself and my assets?
  • How can I participate in high-risk high-return pools?
  • How can I earn over 100% interest just for staking my coins?
  • What is the difference between ERC-20, ERC-721 and ERC-1150?
  • What are the biggest trends in the crypto space and where is the next big opportunity?
  • Has the price of Bitcoin peaked, or can we expect more increase?
  • Is is it true you can lose your bitcoin?
  • Everyone talks about decentralization but why is that such a big deal?
  • So much more.

Topics for this course

33 Lessons3h

Core Lessons

Is crypto anonymous?00:1:25
Crypto history00:3:26
World famous crypto transactions00:1:46
Crypto criminals00:00:19
Money Transfer - Part 100:3:20
Purchasing Bitcoin - Part 200:12:48
Switching exchanges - Kraken to Binance - Part 300:50:53
Storage wallets00:5:01
Quick response codes - QR00:4:54
Token or Cryptocurrency?00:5:11
Bitcoin volatility00:3:25
Quick review00:4:42

Crypto 2.0 - DeFi

Additional content

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Vraiment une bonne formation!

Très bonne formation très solide

Nice !

Parmis les premiers à inaugurer la formation alors obliger de mettre un petit commentaire ahah non vraiment très bonne formation je suis fan de cryptomonnaies et je me suis régalé je recommande vivement.

Just wow 🤩 meilleur cours sur les crypto que j’ai fait à date bravo l’équipe trade doctors vous avez fait un heureux !!!


Material Includes

  • Kraken referral link
  • QR resources
  • DEFI pulse blog
  • Staking Rewards


  • No prerequisites

Target Audience

  • Everyone. Subtitles available in all languages.
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