The Crypto Essentials Course


Complete crypto essentials course that puts students at the forefront of blockchain investment. Learn about the new trends and the biggest opportunities before everyone else and learn how you can apply them right away.


Most people are still trying to figure out how a bitcoin can be worth so much and how Donald Trump was an American president. While those same people are busy scratching their heads trying to understand the dial-up version of blockchain technology, more proactive individuals are educating themselves and jumping ahead of the masses. We've jumped several months ahead of even the average crypto investor to bring you game-changing knowledge for the months to come.

This course was designed for people who are smart enough to know they should be getting educated about blockchain technology instead of following the herd and dismissing the entire crypto space as a huge scam. It really is too bad you didn’t take it seriously years before when you first heard about bitcoin as your life would be very different today.

This course will not teach you how to write smart contracts and it’s not for people wanting to learn code breaking cryptography. This course goes through some real and practical ways of making money everyday with cryptocurrency.  There are many crypto courses popping up everywhere that will teach you how to buy and sell crypto assets like Bitcoin or Ethereum but rather than simply buy and hold, our course will show you how to buy, borrow, pool and stake your entire crypto portfolio for ultra-high returns.

We spent a considerable amount of time and research to piece this information together for you in a way that makes traditionally more complex topics, easy to understand.

This is the absolute best time to be taking a course on crypto as we are just beginning the most significant bull market in history.

Here are a few questions you’ll be able to answer and chat about after taking this course:

  • What is DeFi?
  • Where should I be looking next for the biggest opportunities?
  • What is a smart contract?
  • What is yield farming?
  • Where did Bitcoin come from?
  • Who is Satoshi Nakamoto?
  • Why does the FBI own wallets with billions of dollars of bitcoin in them?
  • How do I protect myself and my assets?
  • How can I participate in high-risk high-return pools?
  • How can I earn over 100% interest just for staking my coins?
  • What is the difference between ERC-20, ERC-721 and ERC-1150?
  • What are the biggest trends in the crypto space and where is the next big opportunity?
  • Has the price of Bitcoin peaked, or can we expect more increase?
  • Is is it true you can lose your bitcoin?
  • Everyone talks about decentralization but why is that such a big deal?
  • So much more.

By becoming a Trade Doctors student, you receive access to our premium webinars and our Senior Traders are at your disposal.

Our community is strong and you've never experienced service like ours.

See you soon.

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