Premium MT4 Course


Comprehensive MT4 course that teaches you all the essential and professional skills needed to begin trading successfully with MT4.


We have applied our new age educational techniques to the antiquated but very much alive MT4 trading platform. The platform has gone through little change since its birth in 2005 but the active community of developers have built extraordinary add-ons that solidify MT4’s position as the most popular trading platform in the world.

With more than 15 years of history, you can find all the basic videos on Youtube for free but understand that the quality of this course is unlike anything you’ve seen before. The curriculum has been meticulously crafted by someone who’s been trading on MT4 since the beginning and who is still actively using MT4 everyday.

The instructor unveils industry hacks and shows you how you can obtain premium tools that most traders pay thousands for – for free.

  • Comprehensive breakdown of every feature of the MT4 platform
  • Unlock the premium professional tools that give traders the edge they need
  • Learn how you can place stealth orders and hide your trades from the market and the broker
  • Access the advanced trade terminal and learn how you can easily place trades as a percentage of your trading capital
  • Learn how to build automated trading strategies without learning how to write programing code
  • MT4 pioneered social trading – learn how to spot the best traders to copy
  • Discover how you can be paid to trade on your own personal account as a signal provider

Every MT4 feature is explored in detail and we go well beyond the basics as we incorporate modern trading tactics throughout the course. We don’t simply explain a feature… we show you how an actual trader would use that feature and explain why.

With the intention of building one of the most comprehensive MT4 platform courses available today, the Trade Doctors did not disappoint with this recent release.

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