The Essentials Course


A comprehensive course that teaches you all the essential skills needed to begin trading successfully.


Are you new to trading or not as successful as you would like? The Trade Doctors essentials course is designed to give you everything you need to start making educated trading decisions. Every lesson includes step-by-step examples of how a professional trader approaches the chart’s analysis, the trade setup, the trade confirmation, and we show you how to actively manage the trade all the way to the end when that trade is eventually closed. Every example has been meticulously selected to ensure you walk away with actionable insight. We break everything down into basics and teach you advanced trading strategies currently in use by industry professionals.

Ever notice how sometimes your trades will go in opposite directions? Most people have no idea that the price of Gold and the Stock Market are inversely correlated – that means they move in the opposite direction most of the time – very useful to know if you’re trading both at the same time. If you trade more than 1 product at a time, you need to understand how those products are correlated. In this trading course, we go deep into market correlations and show you how to benefit from these relationships instead of having them hurt your trading.

We explain the science behind chart patterns such as triangles, channels, double bottoms, double tops, flags, pennants and many more. Doji, Dragonfly, Hangman, Hammers, Engulfing and Inside Bars are but a few of the candlestick patterns we will teach you to spot and incorporate into your trading. Being able to identify specific candlestick patterns is incredibly useful for establishing high probability entries and timing exits.

Not sure when to enter the market? We will go through the most important order types like Stop Entry, Limit, One-Cancels-Other and we’ll spend some time discussing the numerous benefits of a Trailing Stop Loss and how it can help you capture those big moves after this trading course.

Determining the direction of a market is fairly easy, managing your position and risk is the difficult part in trading. We’ll teach you how to determine the position size of your trade and show you how to use statistics to ensure you come out on top – this is what separates the professionals from the amateurs.

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